September 19, 2014 SAEP First English Corner of Fall Semester 2014

In order to inspire students’ interests in English, promoting the communication between deferent grades and classes, and try to let students get an improvement on their oral English. We started the first English Corner activity on the 3rd Friday of September. Jessie Yu, an excellent student from grade 12 will be in charge of planning and host this activity.

Firstly, the host Jessie played a video from a 3D cartoon film. After watching the video, students discussed about their favorate cuisine and cate.

And then, students had a very interesting game named Cate Describing Game. Jessie asked two teachers to demonstrate first to let everybody knows about how to play this game. One shall be back to the screen which there is showing a picture with its name, another one needs to describe it without speaking out the word itself. And he/she are supposed to dope out the word in the shortest possible time.

When the two teachers were done, many students were itching for a try. And they really had a good time!

It seems that all the students really love this English Corner activity. We will aboviously provide the greatest support to this kind of meaningful activity!

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