September 26, 2014 SAEP New School Year Party

    September 26 afternoon, all SAEP students join in the New School Year Party — Scavenger Hunt, which was planned and organized by five foreign teachers of SAEP.

    Students were placed into eight groups, every group was composed by sophmores, juniors and seniors, different grades and different classes are all mix up together. The rule is students need to find the answers and complete the requirements well and quickly based on the question list given by lead teachers!

    Countdown began! Student started from some easy questions by discussing firstly.

    The questions and requirements are really diverse, from brain teasers to interesting stunts, and they also need to ask teachers for some personal information to find the matched one. Every group were team working, they shared out the work, and cooperated efficiently.

    Students were checking those flags are corresponded to which countries at school front gate.

    Students were looking for a bird to take a picture for it.

    A group did the difficult Human Pyramid on the football field!

    Time’s up! Teachers were getting students back~

    After finishing the questions, students gathered in the classroom, enjoyed the fruits, cookies and drinks prepared by SAEP teachers.

Students gained a lot of fun through this interesting activity. And students from different grades and classes got a chance to play together, got a chance to get to know each other, becoming more familiar with each other. The most important is, students practiced their oral English a lot during this activity, and made many good memories.

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