October 20, 2014 University Visit/Education Fair

October 20 1:20 pm, more than 10 professors and representatives from 7 famous American universities (They are Adelphi University, California Lutheran University, Oklahoma City University, Northern Illinois University, Eastern Kentucky University and Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.) and the biggest language school in U.S. – ELS visited Sino-American Elite Program (SAEP).

The CEO of SAEP Dan introduced our Sino-American Elite Program and Meishi International School to the guests, and guided them to take a look at school and our program.

Almost at the same time, two representatives for ELS in China gave all Gaoyi and Gaoer students a presentation regarding its history and development, and knowledge about American university application process and so on. Students were so excited about the environment, the facilities and the facts in those universities which the lecturer Steven presented. They really said numerous “WOW” during the presentation.

Professors and representatives were preparing their university booths after campus tour.

Meanwhile, ELS presentation finished. Students of three grades came to the conference hall of Administration Building to attend the Education Fair.

Students started conversations with professors actively, asked questions, learnt about the facts and admission requirements, asked for booklets and flyers, and wrote down their contact information for those universities they are interested in.

And the representatives of University of Missouri and University of Colorado – Boulder visited SAEP students at around 4:00pm. Two representatives communicated directly with some Gaosan students, and modestly and kindly answered their questions raised by these students as detailed as they could.

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