January 22, 2015 The Graduation Ceremony

January 22, 2015 afternoon, the school held the Graduation Ceremony for Grade 2015 Gaosan students in Sion-American Elite Program. All graduates will take a new life in the bright future with their memory happened in the school.


Carina, Olivia, Carol and Alex gave their own speech to their teachers, classmates and parents thankfully.

Executive Director of the Board Chen come to give her the most sincere best wishes to Gaosan students.

Principal Xu and SAEP Executive Director Dan Plaut gave their hopes on them.

The beloved Class Head Teacher Xiao Ying and the Representative of Foreign Teacher Marc said Goodbye to their loved students and gave them the best wishes.

Don’t be disappointed on the journey of life. There are friends in the world. Seize your chance and value your opportunities. May our friendship be everlasting.

Happy Graduation! Alma Mater is always your home!

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