Testimonies : UEI


Lisa Wang:I have been studying in UEI for 1 year, what makes me really appreciate UEI’s help is my oral English improvement, I had learned a lot of English skills from UEI teachers, now I can easily communicate with English speakers.Thanks UEI!

Leon:UEI teach us American native high school curriculum, It’s so different from Chinese education, my classmates and me are so active in class,teachers encourage us to be more active and positive, enjoy the class. I’m so happy here and will study harder achieving my goal !

Steven:You won’t trust my current English ability! I used to be very shy, do not like to talk with people, however, after 1 year life in UEI, I have changed a lot! I’m so good at talking in English now, I love UEI teachers, it’s them, changed me! America, here I come!

Jack:In the past 1 year, I had a huge progress in UEI, not only in English, but also in social and personal ability! I appreciate UEI’s help and guidance, I’m looking forward to achieving more success in the following study.

Rob:UEI teachers care about us, they always make their smile keep in their face, teach us American cultures patiently. I’m having a wonderful time here, I’ll pay my efforts, go to American university for study after I graduate from UEI!