How UEI Can Help:

United through Education…Invest in Education

How UEI Can HelpUEI experts and partners support American and Chinese secondary and tertiary educational institutions, and with them, their students and clients, through providing consulting and educational support services in a wide variety of areas internationally.


Programs and Services

UEI experts work closely with accredited institutions that clearly demonstrate their commitment to their students to provide tailor-made solutions to a wide variety of educational program and service challenges including:

  • Long-term, integrated US higher education preparation programs with Chinese high schools including university identification and application assistance
  • Educational tours in the US and China for students, parents and professionals
  • Integrated preparation programs for students pursuing 2+2, 3+1 and other Chinese-US university joint-degree programs
  • Assistance with match-making and relationship development between Chinese and US educational institutions,
  • Consulting including legal and regulatory assistance for US educational institutions wishing to become established in the China market.
  • Expansion consulting and assistance to US institutions wishing to grow in the China market including licensure assistance

Programs and Services


If you represent

  • An American, Canadian or other educational institution interested in the Chinese market or
  • A Chinese educational institution interested in hosting foreign students and/or having your students benefit from international education, or
  • Are simply interested in UEI and how our experts can assist you

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