Q && A
    Frequently Asked Questions About Meishi-UEI Sino-American Elite Program
    1: Who is UEI? What’s the difference between UEI and agencies?
    2: Why is this program different from other international programs?
    3: Can you provide instruction for students’ choice and application for US university?
    4.Is it possible for students to get post-service from UEI after they go to US?
    5.As you mentioned, it is hard for students to graduate from US universities, and if our students have the same problem, what can you do?
    6.What kind of students are qualified to apply for this program?
    7.Based on the program brochure, why the tuition fees of Grade Two and Three are almost same? But there is only one semester in Grade Three?
    8.Is it possible for students to choose other countries universities, such as UK, Australia, besides US?
    9. Could you guarantee that all students will be accepted by US universities?
    10. What is the difference between TOEFL exam and UEI program?
    11. What qualification America Universities require for students?
    12. What does national Ranking mean? What should our students care about when selecting a US university?
    13. If my child doesn't have TOFEL or IELTS score, can he/she apply for America universities?
    14. How long should you study in language school? A year or more?