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About UEI In this increasingly globalized world, an increasing number of individuals, private, public and state-owned enterprises wish to diversify their assets and pursue new business opportunities in foreign countries. Direct investment between the US and China is growing rapidly resulting, unfortunately, in a rapidly growing number of entities becoming prey to bad investment advice, deceptive practices and even outright fraud. The investment climate in China and the US is very different and UEI, with its experts and partners from both countries, can help you get established on what could be otherwise a precipice.

UEI is not a broker, agent or legal representative of any investment source. We are, rather, a consultancy that works with a select number of high net-worth individuals and organizations (private, public, NGO & governmental) to advise and guide them on a fully confidential, non-disclosure basis. Our clients and their interests represent 100% of UEI’s commitment to any and every project.

Programs and Services

UEI experts and partners work closely with government institutions, business groups and organizations to provide tailor-made solutions to a wide variety of investment challenges including:

  • Chinese individual residential, existing business or business formation investments in the US
  • Chinese business expansion or establishment investments in the US
  • Company formation and establishment in the US and China
  • Capital sourcing
  • Joint-venture formation and establishment
  • Due diligence
  • Investment sourcing
  • Investment tours
  • Other investment and business interests, case-by-case

Programs and Services

If you represent

  • An American, Canadian or other business, NGO or governmental organization interested in the Chinese market or
  • A Chinese business or governmental organization interested in the US market, or
  • Are simply interested in UEI and how our experts can assist you

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